A Trusted Partner To Physicians and Clinics8J9A1928
Franey Medical Lab prides itself on maintaining many successful relationships with Physicians and Clinics. We work closely with you to guarantee fast, accurate results and continually strive to advance our knowledge and improve our processes to enhance our ability to detect drugs of abuse.

Reduce Likelihood Of False Negatives & Positives
Our efforts to continually provide the most precise testing services available here led us to develop procedures to significantly reduce the likelihood of false negatives and positives. Testing is done on a daily basis so we can provide you with accurate screening results in 24 hours or less.

Some of the services Franey Medical Labs offer are:

  • 24 hour oral fluid and urine drug screen results
  • Quantitative estimates on all positive results in urine
  • Mass Spectrometry identification
  • We accept most insurance plans (testing must be ordered by a physician for insurance payment)
  • On-site collections available by one of our DATIA certified collectors
  • Courier service for pick-up at your site
  • Review results online
  • Phlebotomy and in-house blood testing
  • Homebound phlebotomy services
  • Reference work / confirmation work

Franey Medical Lab is a CLIA certified facility and is licensed by the state of Mass. It also has obtained DATIA certification as Nationally Accredited for Administration of Drug and Alcohol Testing programs.