Keep your workplace drug free with Franey Medical Labs’ drug screening service

Establishing a Drug Free Workplace Program

To protect against the negative impact of workplace drug and alcohol abuse, many businesses implement drug-free workplace programs. A comprehensive program generally includes four components:slide32

  • Drug-Free Workplace Policy
  • Supervisor Training
  • Employee Education
  • Drug Testing

Although employers may not include all four components it is recommended that all be explored and considered when developing a drug-free workplace program. Research does show that a positive relationship exists between the number of components included and a program’s overall effectiveness.

  • The Benefits of a Drug-Free Workplace
  • Department Of Transportation Services

Below is a brief summary of what each of the four components entails.

1. Writing a Drug-Free Workplace Policy

A written drug-free workplace policy is the foundation of an organization’s drug-free workplace program. Franey Medical Lab works with our clients to make sure your policy is tailored to the specific needs of your organization. However, all effective policies have a few aspects in common including:

· Clear indication of why the policy has been initiated

· Clear description of prohibited behaviors

· Thorough explanation of consequences

Sharing your policy with all company employees is an essential part of a drug-free workplace program. Many companies find it helpful to ask for feedback from employees during the initial policy development stage. Franey Medical Labs will work closely with your company to insure the implementation of a policy that is fair and effective.

2. Supervisor Training

Supervisor training is an integral part of every drug-free workplace program. Franey Medical Lab assists companies in the effective training of supervisors to help insure consistent application of your policies. At minimum, training should include a review of:

  • The organization’s policy
  • Supervisor’s specific responsibilities in implementing the policy
  • Ways to recognize and deal with employees who have job performance problems that may be related to alcohol and other drugs.

If supervisors are responsible for making referrals for testing based on reasonable suspicion, they must also be thoroughly trained on how to make that determination. However, supervisors should not be expected to diagnose alcohol and drug related problems or provide counseling to employees who have them. Rather, training should focus on ensuring that supervisors:

  • Understand the company’s drug-free workplace policy
  • Can identify and attempt to resolve employee performance problems
  • Know how to refer employees to available assistance

3. Providing Employee Education

A drug and alcohol education program is a systematic approach to provide employees with the information they need to fully understand, cooperate with and benefit from their organization’s drug-free workplace program. Effective employee education programs provide company specific information as well as more generalized information about the nature of alcohol and drug abuse; its impact on work performance, health and personal and family life; and what types of help are available for individuals with alcohol and drug related problems.

All company employees should be required to participate in the drug and alcohol education program. The message should be delivered on an ongoing basis through a variety of means, not as a one-time effort. Franey Medical Lab can help you tailor and deliver your message in an effective manner as well as provide recommendations for continual application of the message and employee education.

4. Alcohol and Drug Testing

Despite their controversial nature, alcohol and drug tests are increasingly standard components of many drug-free workplace programs. However, before deciding whether or not to include testing as part of an organizations program, Franey Medical Lab helps employers to consider a number of factors including:

  • Who will be tested?
  • When will tests be conducted?
  • Which drugs will be tested for?
  • How will tests be conducted?
  • State and Federal laws

The Benefits of a Drug-Free Workplace

Why should you care about maintaining a drug-free workplace? It is more important than ever for today’s employers to ensure the public and their employees that they have a safe, drug-free workplace.

Franey Medical Laboratories can assist employers with the creation, administration, and monitoring of drug-free programs. Programs, when administered appropriately, can reduce and even prevent many problems associated with employee drug use. Benefits of a drug-free workplace include:

  1. Fewer Accidents
  2. Less Mistakes
  3. Increased Productivity
  4. Less Absenteeism
  5. Better Work Habits
  6. Safer Work Environment

The development of an effective Drug-Free Workplace program requires a well planned approach. We can help you ensure to the public and your employees, that you have a safe, drug-free workplace.

Department Of Transportation Services

Franey Medical Lab offers everything from Program Administration to urine collections and Breath alcohol testing for the employer that needs to comply with D.O.T. regulations.

DOT Requirements:

  • Policy Development: Each company must have a written drug and alcohol policy.
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing: Pre-employment, Random, Post-accident, Reasonable Suspicion, Follow-up, and Return to Duty testing.
  • Record Keeping: Form Documents and Reports must be maintained in accordance with DOT regulations.
  • Specimen Collection: Each procedure must be executed in compliance with DOT procedures. We offer on-site collections and breathe alcohol testing.
  • Laboratory Services: Tests must be performed at certified laboratories. DOT test results take 3-5 days.
  • MRO Services: All drug test results must be reviewed by a medical review officer who is a licensed physician experienced in analyzing drug tests. Franey Medical Lab automatically submits results to an MRO for review.
  • SAP Services: A Substance Abuse Professional is required when an employee tests positive. We offer resources to SAP services.
  • Employee and Supervisor Training: We offer a variety of services to employers including but not limited to:
    • On-site Collections, by one of our *DATIA certified collectors
    • Employee Supervisor Training available
    • Office file set up
    • 24 Hour Emergency Response